Luxury Travel Token
Invest in a world where blockchain elegance meets luxury travel, offering unparalleled experiences and innovative opportunities.
Annual growth in Luxury Travel market.
Onsens locations in Japan.
$3 Trillion
Projected Luxury Travel Market size by 2030.
2 in 1
A sustainable travel and investment fusion.
Market overview
Building from the Ground Up
At Luxury Travel Token, we're not just participating in the luxury travel market—we're actively creating it by designing our own unique train lines and hot spring villas from scratch.
Strategic Partnerships Powering LTT
Our collaboration with Major Travel agency and Major Railway company, among others, ensures an unparalleled travel experience, backed by industry giants.
Railway company
Travel agency
New Horizons
in Luxury Travel
Leading Japan's luxury travel revolution, we create new luxury cruise trains and exclusive onsen villas, merging innovative blockchain technology to offer unique elite experiences.
Travel to Earn
Enjoy LTT tokens as rewards for your adventures, enhancing travel value and unlocking future benefits.
Token holders gain the opportunity to stake for higher investment returns.
Special offer
Token owners enjoy privileged services and special offers for our luxurious train rides and onsen villas.
Unlock Exclusive Benefits
LTT tokens offer exclusive luxury travel perks, from train rides to onsen stays, enriching both your portfolio and lifestyle.
Our Path Forward
Using the funds raised in the presale, we immediately began cruise train manufacturing and hot-spring hotel acquisition and renovation.
Q2 2024
  • Conduct market research and define target audience.
  • Develop and test the Luxury Travel Token smart contract.
  • Establish partnerships with luxury brands and tech companies.
Q2 2024 - Q3 2024
  • Start construction of luxury train lines and onsen villas in Hokkaido.
  • List token on major cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Implement token utilities including exclusive travel and VIP services.
Q4 2024
  • Launch marketing campaigns to attract early adopters.
  • Engage actively with the community via social media and events.
Q2 2025
  • Continuously improve the project based on user feedback.
  • Expand globally and enhance brand building strategies.
  • Implement decentralized governance and community participation.
Q1 2025
  • Initiate pilot luxury travel services for token holders and collect feedback.
  • Expand operations to additional locations within and beyond Hokkaido.
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